The Union des Artisans du Patrimoine has two types of member:

  • Full members are physical persons or companies that MUST meet the four conditions set out in the statutes of the non-profit association to be recognised as a craftsperson or craft business. Namely:
    1. Primarily work in a manual trade that requires mastery and in which they can be considered a specialist.
    2. As part of their work, transform raw materials to produce a finished item, demonstrating mastery at every step.
    3. Customise their production, bringing a human dimension to the products they create.
    4. Primarily be self-employed.
  • Supporting members are physical persons or companies that do not meet the four criteria above but share the same aims as the non-profit association and wish to offer us their support.

To become a member, just send a copy of the completed membership form below, accompanied with supporting documents (photos, certificate, sworn statement, etc.) proving you meet the four criteria above, to the non-profit association's headquarters (U.A.P. Asbl, rue de Barisart, 181, 4900 Spa Belgium).

In accordance with the statutes of the non-profit association, after checking the candidate qualifies as a craftsperson or craft business, during the meeting that follows its receipt of the application, the administrative board will decide on the candidate's membership (as a full or supporting member) and inform them in writing.

The candidate will then become a member when the payment of their subscription has been credited to the non-profit association's account.